Here at ORPHCC we expect 2016 to be a year of continued growth.  With new leadership and an energized staff, our goals are nothing less than spectacular.  Join us now, and together we can make 2016 a great year!  Our association health plan has been offering some VERY attractive rates.  With Lifewise leaving the Oregon market soon, it might be time to do a quick check of your employee plan.  We can help!

Through the collective power of plumbing, heating and cooling contractors like yourself, ORPHCC is fighting for your rights with regulatory agencies (Building Codes Division, OSHA, etc.) and at the Capitol building in Salem. While the government can’t (and shouldn’t) guarantee you’ll be profitable, the rules, regulations, taxes and fees created by the politicians can make it nearly impossible for you to make a profit.  That is why ORPHCC works hard to protect your interests when the politicians are in Salem.

We were heavily involved in protecting your interests when the politicians met at the Capitol in Salem in February. And we’re already talking about what might and should happen during the much longer session in 2017.  And, we’re watching the campaigns unfold across the state.  Our association campaign fund will help elect candidates who are concerned about our three biggest issues: Growth, apprenticeships and regulatory overreach!

We GUARANTEE you will find membership in ORPHCC of substantial and specific benefit to you and your business. If, after the first year of membership, you do not, then you will receive a full refund of your dues. The ONLY stipulation is that you attend at least 75 percent of the local membership meetings in the first year if you live near a local chapter (Portland and Salem). A 100% GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION!

We hope you’ll be a part of ORPHCC in 2016 and beyond.  If you have any questions, please call us!  The office number is 503-557-1203 or you can email our Executive Director, Darrell Fuller, at

To JOIN, simply complete the online application or print and mail the Application for Membership.