Benefits of Membership in ORPHCC

Experienced state lobbyist protecting your interests at the Capitol Building and at BCD, BOLI and other state regulatory agencies.

Regular meetings providing information and education on cutting edge technologies as well as changes in Federal & state regulations.  Continuing education hours for JPs.

Monthly Pipeline e-Newsletter sent by email with up-to-the-minute information on important state and local issues that impact your business. 

Annual convention with presentations by industry leaders on how to save money, increase your bottom line and stay in business in these difficult economic times.

Beneficial relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, insurance providers and other allied industries who want you to succeed.

Access to experienced attorneys with years of experience in the trades.  They can really help when you’re in a bind.

Bill Harvey-CJ Hansen Scholarship providing assistance to local students interested in the building trades from apprenticeship programs to 4-year colleges.

Generations of experience “in the business” at every meeting — and as close as a phone call —  willing to lend a helping hand so we can all see our businesses grow and prosper.

A new and versatile website with excellent information and the ability to join online. Just check out today!

Benefits of Membership in NAPHCC

Experienced national lobbyists protecting your interests on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Successfully fought for the repeal of expanded 1099 reporting requirements.

Successfully opposed proposed new Department of Energy showerhead regulations.

Free business management and technical webinars offered to members.

A mobile website application that gives you all the great tools on on your smartphone.  You’re always on the go and now you can take us with you.

Weekly national email with important updates on changes in the industry.

Expert advice on Code and Technical issues.

National discounts on everything from gas to uniforms, vehicle leasing to business forms.

ZIP code-based customer referral program to PHCC members on national website.

Access to the industry’s best state-of-the-art labor calculator and Overhead/Profit calculator to help you expertly bid jobs of any size.

Without PHCC, you stand alone.